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#49  Shea Butter w/ Emu Oil

Our Shea butter is pure unrefined directly from Africa. We have also added Pure Emu oil with Vitamin E for more skin benefits. There are no preservatives or coloring that is added, and like all natural shea it has that beautiful, characteristic nutty scent.

Benefits of Shea butter:

Dry cracked skin
Makes a great cuticle Cream
Speeds Healing Of Wounds
Cradle Cap
Can prevent and minimize existing stretch marks
Cuts,bruises,Burns and scratches
Bug Bites
Rashes (Diaper rash, Poison oak/Ivy etc.)
Age Spots
Can extend the life of your tan
Firms aging skin and more

Benefits of Emu Oil:

Arthritis Pain: helps to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness of hands, feet, knees and elbows.
Muscle Aches/Strains: massage with Emu Oil provides anti-inflammatory action.
Bruises: applied as soon as the incident occurs helps to promote healing and reduces swelling.
Dry Skin Conditions: an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.
Psoriasis and Eczema: helps to reduce irritation and inflammations of the skin while providing moisture.
Burns: use immediately to prevent blisters and scaring with quicker healing.
Scars: massage one or twice daily to reduce scarring. May not work on old scar tissue.


You can also choose UNSCENTED.

Designer Types
Mango Mandarin Type (Skin Safe)
Juniper Breeze Type (Skin Safe)
Gardenia Lily Type (Skin Safe)
Cotton Blossom Type (Skin Safe)
Black Raspberry Vanilla Type (Skin Safe)
Mandarin Cranberry Type
Citrus Cilantro Type (Skin Safe)
Sunwashed Linen Type (Skin Safe)
Drakkar Type (Skin Safe)
Pearberry Type (Skin Safe)
Rose Hip and Tea Type (Skin Safe)
Love Spell Type (Skin Safe)
Amber Romance Type (Skin Safe)
Tommy Bahama Type (Skin Safe)
Cranberry Chutney Type
Sweet Pea Type (Skin Safe)
Red Currant & Thyme Tea Type (Skin Safe)
Forbidden Fantasy Type (Skin Safe)
Strawberries & Champagne Type (Skin Safe)
Cucumber Melon Type (Skin Safe)
White Tea & Ginger Type (Skin Safe)
Moonlight Path Type (Skin Safe)
Heavenly Type (Skin Safe)
Jovan Musk Type (Skin Safe)
Red Currant Votivo Type (Skin Safe)
Be Delicious Type (Skin Safe)
J & J Bedtime type (Skin Safe)
Sea Island Cotton Type (Skin Safe)
Passionate Kisses Type (Skin Safe)
Youth Dew Type (Skin Safe)
Red Giorgio Type (Skin Safe)
Island Kiss Type (Skin Safe)
Cool Water Type (Skin Safe)
Eternity Type (Skin Safe)
Hugo Boss Type (Skin Safe)
Pink Sugar Type (Skin Safe)
Strawberry (Skin Safe)
Raspberry (Skin Safe)
Coconut (Skin Safe)
Banana (Skin Safe)
Monkey Farts (Skin Safe)
Cantaloupe (Skin Safe)
Mango (Skin Safe)
Mango Papaya (Skin Safe)
Watermelon (Skin Safe)
Strawberry and Cream (Skin Safe)
Cherry (Skin Safe)
Passion Fruit (Skin Safe)
Pomegranate (Skin Safe)
Hawaiian Breeze (Skin Safe)
Peach Slices (Skin Safe)
Citrus Splash (Skin Safe)
Almond Cherry (Skin Safe)
Sassy Strawberry (Skin Safe)
Sweet Orange & Chile Pepper
Yuzu (Skin Safe)
Lollipop (Skin Safe)
Chocolate Milk (Skin Safe)
Apple Pie
Bicotti (Skin Safe)
Oatmeal Raisin
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Pumpkin Pudding (Skin Safe)
Lemon Chiffon Pie (Skin Safe)
Buttered Cake (Skin Safe)
Fudge Brownies
Sugar Cookies
Cinnamon Toast
Apple Cinnamon (Skin Safe)
Crème Brulee (Skin Safe)
Wedding Cake
Spiced Apples & Peaches
Coconut Crème Pie (Skin Safe)
Blueberry Cobbler
Mulled Cider (Skin Safe)
Clove (Skin Safe)
Sweet Potato Pie (Skin Safe)
Vanilla Sugar (Skin Safe)
Apples & Oak (Skin Safe)
Cinnamon Stick
Creamy Vanilla (Skin Safe)
Island Breeze (Skin Safe)
Palm Island (Skin Safe)
Rain Drops (Skin Safe)
Sweet Breeze (Skin Safe)
Sun Washed Linen Type (Skin Safe)
Almond Delight (Skin Safe)
Ocean Overlook (Skin Safe)
Drakkar Type (Skin Safe)
Cool Water Type (Skin Safe)
Hugo Boss Type (Skin Safe)
Eternity Type (Skin Safe)
Pomegranate Fig Cedar (Skin Safe)
Tommy Bahama Type (Skin Safe)
Lavender (Skin Safe)
Peppermint (Skin Safe)
Cedar (Skin Safe)
Sandalwood (Skin Safe)
Eucalyptus (Skin Safe)
Dark Tanning Oil (Skin Safe)
Sage Pomegranate
Citronella (Skin Safe)
Evergreen Woods
Patchouli (Skin Safe)
Egyptian Dragon (Skin Safe)
Moonflower (Skin Safe)
Gardenia Lily Type (Skin Safe)
Jasmine (Skin Safe)
Magnolia (Skin Safe)
White Tea & Ginger Type (Skin Safe)
Red Currant Votivo Type (Skin Safe)
Coffee Scents
Hazelnut Coffee (Skin Safe)
Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee (Skin Safe)
Café Brulee (Skin Safe)
Limited Time Scents
Grapefruit Peppermint
Berry Bubble Gum
Bahama Mama
More scents are being tested and will be added soon.

**All designer fragrance "types" are trademarked names and are the exclusive property of the original manufacturers.**


Our Price:  $6.50  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
24 hours

Jar Sizes
2 oz
4 oz .....Add $4.00
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